Customer Cancels their own order?

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Is there a way for the customer to cancel their own order prior to payment?

This is the scenario:

Customer puts item in cart, goes to checkout, chooses Paypal but then changes their mind - is there a way for them to cancel their order themselves, or adjust the cart (ex: add something to it, use a coupon)? Right now just hitting the "back" arrow on the browser does this weird thing where the cart appears empty so you can't change anything (payment option or otherwise) but then only offers that ability to continue to payment.

Is there a way a customer can just go back and make adjustments to their cart in this scenario?

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  • GeannyGeanny Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 113 moderator

    Hello, Mainstreet,

    When a customer clicks on "Buy" they are redirected to PayPal and the order gets created in the backend. This allows PayPal has to match the payment confirmation to that order. As of now customers cannot cancel their own orders or modify them.

    We have a feature request to allow customers to cancel their own orders. I will file a support ticket so that we can document your feedback. However, there is no ETA as to when or if this will be implemented. I am only tagging this ticket to the requests for documentation purposes only.

    As more merchants request these features, their priority will change as well as the chance of implementation.


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