Feature Request: Add "Bundle Item" as Item Type

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What I Want

A new Item Type called Bundle Item, which can be comprised of multiple items in Lightspeed without having to be pre-made like an Assembly Item. When sold, the inventory quantity of each of the items that comprise the Bundle Item are reduced.

The Problem

In retail, it's common for items to be sold together as a bundle package. Sometimes manufacturers will even incentivize customers to purchase two products together by creating a special bundle price. Unfortunately, at the moment, there's no way to execute having a single item comprised of multiple items in Lightspeed other than creating an Assembly Item.

When building an Assembly Item in Lightspeed, it removes inventory from the items that comprise the Assembly Item. This is a problem because the items that are now making up the Assembly Item can no longer be sold individually--they are hard-bundled into the Assembly Item.

Here is an example:

I have 3 Widget A's in stock and 1 Widget B. When I create an Assembly Item called Widget AB, it reduces the inventory quantity of Widget A and Widget B by one. This means that in order for me to offer Widget AB, I can no longer sell Widget B on its own because there's no longer inventory available.

I'm suggesting the ability to create Soft Bundles in Lightspeed.

Potential Problems I See in the Execution and How I Would Solve Them

Inventory Level: If a stock level were to be shown for this type of item, it would be calculated based on the minimum number of bundles that could be created from the items that comprise the bundle. I, personally, would prefer to see a stock level to know if I had all the items on hand to create the bundle.

Pricing: Earlier, I alluded to a bundle discount (ie: a manufacturer incentivizes customers to purchase items that are purchased together by having a discounted bundle price). I would suggest that if the price assigned to the bundle is less than the sum of the items that comprise the bundle that it is rung up with the price of each item at the assigned price level for the shop and then the Bundle Line item is displayed on the receipt as a line item with a negative amount that represents the savings by the bundle. (ie: Widget A: $5, Widget B: $5, WidgetAB Bundle: -$2)

Is this something Lightspeed would ever consider?


  • SubtleDSubtleD Member Posts: 10

    I have been asking them to do this for years. I called it a "group item" because that's what this feature is called in competitor POS systems...

    I talked to my rep at lightspeed who claims there isn't enough interest in the idea... but the problem is that I see this idea over and over again, but each person is describing it with different names. So while there is significant interest in it, it doesn't seem like there is. It is too bad because this functionality would significantly reduce inventory spend for anyone using it by as much as 90%.

    Alas, LS doesn't seem to care.

  • BaseballBaseball Member Posts: 5

    Resurfacing this - as SubtleD mentioned this is a basic ecom functionality - you can call it "group item", "product bundler", or anything else you'd like.

    Almost EVERY e-commerce site with any variety of products needs this functionality - it's one of the basics of retail!

    Can we get an update from Lightspeed on this functionality? It surely has to be tracked on a feature deficiency list by the Product Manager for Lightspeed E-com.

    Lightspeed might be able to get there with modifications to their Assembly - allow "Assembly" to either be static (i.e., build the product) or dynamic - the assembled product is only available if the components have inventory and assembly is dynamically built when it's sold (and inventory removed from the components).

    I'd like one more feature in a "group item" - the ability to select individual variants (i.e., a uniform purchase with ability for purchaser to select pants size, shirt size, hat size).


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