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My boss has a partnership deal that says that he can spend $5,000 at the retail store "for free." What's the best way to award this to his customer account without messing with any daily ledgers when he purchases items?

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    Hey @Pdelacruz

    I'd suggest creating a custom payment type to load up a gift card or a credit account, and then archive the payment type once you're done with it.

    To Create the Payment type :

    -Go to Settings -> Payment Types -> +New Payment Type

    You could call it Partnership Deal and save the changes.

    Once you've created this payment type, go into a new sale, create a gift card or assign a customer and use the Partnership Deal payment type to fund it.

    Finally, go back to Settings -> Payment Types and archive the Partnership Deal payment so that no future employees can use it to accidentally pay for sales.

    Benefit: Doing this will separate the Payments Received report up so that it doesn't get mixed up in totals, plus you can filter for that payment type to see if it gets used by mistake.


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