Lightspeed told us that Onsite was ending. We were prepared, THEY are not!

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We are here now, ready to roll, and doing nothing more than waiting on fixes that may or may not happen. It is frustrating, embarrassing, and time consuming to deal with unnecessary problems and hassles while customers are present.

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    What I've come to learn is that they are two completely different companies that merged. The software is only similar in name alone.

    Changes aren't happening. There are simple requests in these boards that were "Being looked at" that have been ongoing for 2+ years.

    Simple stuff like label design etc are not a priority because they are designing a new product currently for a back end pushbike market.

    Just keep adding each issue you see to the lists and hopefully one day they might get around to fixing the software we have been sold as a complete product.

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    not good enough

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