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We have been using Lightspeed for a couple of years and as a POS it is exceptional. However from an accounting stand point there is a lot that needs to be desired.

In addition to lightspeed we use Sage 50 Quantum for our accounting. Would it be possible in future updates to have a seamless integration between these too. What I am hoping to see is something like this

  1. When entering Purchase Invoices in Sage 50, updated inventory and prices (SP and Cost) can be imported to lightspeed
  2. When the day is closed, lightspeed can then send line data back to Sage 50

The benefits of such a feature would be:

  1. There is no more double posting.
  2. There is no need for an inventory reconciliation between Sage and lightspeed
  3. Better reporting, you get perfect sales analytics from Lightspeed (sales per hour, category etc.) and perfect accounting data from Sage 50, (P&L, vendor aging, customer aging and Tax reporting etc.)

This would create a robust POS/accounting solution


Shastri Changoor, FCCA

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