Converting a quote to Workorder

FrancisvFrancisv Member Posts: 3

This used to be very easy to do in OnSite but simply impossible in retail years later.

Please let us convert a quote to a workorder. It's non-sense that it can't be done.



  • bikehoundsbikehounds Member Posts: 14

    The way we do this is we create a workorder status that is "Quote" and we change the colour to grey so it's not popping out at you. And you can float it to the bottom of the list. When the person agrees to proceed we change the workorder status to Open. We basically never use the "save as quote" feature.

  • FrancisvFrancisv Member Posts: 3

    It's a workaround but then you just have all these useless workorders created. The quote will stay in the customer's profile and you could transform it at any time. If I make a WO then I need to complete it and checkout to get rid of it.

  • scott_rttcycleshopscott_rttcycleshop Member Posts: 1

    You could also just archive the work order/quote that is no accepted

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