Where has the Mac experience gone?

MrDarcyMrDarcy Member Posts: 16

I originally signed up with lightspeed because of its alignment with the Mac experience. Great design with the user experience was first and foremost.

The search capabilities of lightspeed complimented the search capabilities of a Mac.

The design was clean and intuitive.

It looks as though the user experience has been forgotten in retail.

No one has thought about the hierarchy of the information that is provided on all of the work templates. Often the most important data is hidden at the bottom of the screen - while the top of the screen is full of messy confusing detail.

I find I’m spending all of my time scrolling up and down screens as I enter information. It is so clumsy to use and difficult to teach from a training perspective.

The workflow has been poorly thought out. Unlike on site where the design of an invoice and PO mirrored each other and Product and customer screen mirrored the supplier screen. and as you worked your way through each screen in a logical manner from the top down on each page and from left to right on each tab. It was brilliantly simplistic.

Can this please be addressed.? Your Mac users are very disappointed And this is the reason why most of us started with lightspeed.


  • NilsSorensenNilsSorensen Member Posts: 9
    edited April 2021

    I think this is actually going to be a somewhat smooth enhancement for LightSpeed to address, with the new M1 Macs, theoretically the iPad app will also work natively on the Mac. This will let them throw more effort and enhancements into the current iPad app and have the same experience translate directly onto the Mac. We also want to keep using our Macs as a customer/staff friendly and graphical "checkout mode" without using the Retail backend.

    ie. POS mode vs StoreMaster in OnSite.

  • Natalie_G888Natalie_G888 Member Posts: 39 

    @MrDarcy : I’ve been saying the same thing - I’m clicking and scrolling like a fool! Your observation is spot on!

  • BEVVBEVV Member Posts: 20

    I agree too many blank spaces and having to scroll to the bottom to see if an item has been added is very inefficient.

  • doi4100doi4100 Member Posts: 7

    I agree that there is way too much scrolling. But you can sort the lines column so that the newest item added is at the top. I can't tell you how happy I was when I noticed that! lol

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