Exchanging Item at different Price?

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What is the best way to exchange an item at a lower price? We have customers return previously purchased items towards items of greater value but we don't refund at the full value, it's more of a trade-in value. Lightpseed won't let us edit the price in the refund check out screen so I'm not sure how to work around this. Create a Misc item to calculate the difference or create another payment type? Help!


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    Hey @NSimon102

    There's 2 ways you can reduce the price of your returned items, you can either create a non-inventory item at 0$ called Trade-in reduction (or something along those lines) or use the misc button to help reduce the refund value.

    In either case, miscellaneous products can easily be located by going into the Lines report and filtering for charges rather than items and non-inventory items will have sale-records as well that you can use to report on.

    Hope this clarifies ways to do this within retail!


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    All the best!


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  • NSimon102NSimon102 Member Posts: 14

    Thank you Vanessa,

    I appreciate your assistance. That makes perfect sense and easy to implement!!

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    There is actually an easier way depend on how the price is being reduced. Say the reduction is a 10% restocking fee, create a discount named "Restocking Fee" and set it to 10%. Begin a refund, click on the item being returned and select "Restocking Fee" from the menu, this will deduct 10% from the refund amount.


    Sold a MP3 player for $100. 1 week later customer want to upgrade to one with larger storage ($190).

    • Begin return and scan item
    • Select "Restocking Fee" from the discounts
      • This will now show $100 subtotal, $10 discount, total $90
    • Switch to sales tab and ring in the new item
    • Total will show $100 after the return credit

    That example is with no taxes to make it easy. If you have set $ or % restocking fees this method is by far the best solution, if the fee is discretionary won't work as well.

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    Hi AzT. Thanks for the tip. I just got this to work on a refund receipt, but only if I manually entered in the product. If I refund straight off a receipt it doesn't allow me to enter in any discount. Have you found a solution for this?

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