Undo receive product on PO?

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Onsite transplant here.

I have figured out how to receive products at separate times, but is there a way to un-receive an item if you make a mistake, and have already hit the yellow 'Add Received to Inventory' button?

Once that's been done, and you navigate back to the items section on the Purchase Order page, the 'received' fields all show as 0, and the 'Qty' column displays what has been previously received, but is not editable. I can't see anywhere to modify that. Mistakes happen of course, so it would be good to know how to do this.


  • caskmusiccaskmusic Member Posts: 12

    Update - spoke with support chat, and the only way to do this, once an PO is marked finished, is to do a Vendor return.

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    I was hoping someone to hear there was another way. :(

    We have made a number of mistakes receiving POs since migrating and having to do a vendor return is such a pain.

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    Hey @caskmusic

    If you've over-received an item in a PO, here's one way to manipulate the PO into displaying the correct quantities in cases where you've over-received them.

    1) perform the vendor return for all the products received (so if you received 10 instead of 5, rather than correcting and removing 5, remove all 10)

    2) Go into your PO and change the status to Open and delete the product line you've over-received (this will remove the extra received badge)

    3) Add the item back to your PO and set the amount to receive, then return the status back to Check-in. Any items you've received apart from the one you've removed and re-added will stay the same as they were before.

    Hope this alternative helps!


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    All the best!


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  • Natalie_G888Natalie_G888 Member Posts: 30 ✭

    Surely LS can see that this is a very convoluted and time consuming method to fix a simple mistake.

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