Sync with Google Merchant Center for Local Inventory Ads

Sue_SSue_S Member Posts: 1

I was setting up some more details in Google Merchant Center a couple weeks ago, and attempting to set up a Lightspeed feed seemed to trigger an email to the account owner granting "early access to the new integrated Google Local Inventory Ads in Lightspeed Retail." So, I set that up.

In the setup prompts, I was able to select the Google My Business account, but not the Google Merchant Center - there was simply no prompt about this, as if the GMB link was enough. By selecting the GMB account, Lightspeed's sync seemed to create a new Google Merchant Center ID, rather than prompting for the existing one (I was prompted for a name to give it only) so now I have two GMC accounts associated with the store.

I'd like to suggest that this initial setup phase to link the accounts should confirm if there is an existing GMC account, and if so, connect to it too.

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