Help me to understand the 'In Process' sales

caskmusiccaskmusic Member Posts: 12

If I go into my sales history, it appears to show a sale with a unique ID for every time I have clicked the 'New Sale' button, regardless of if I've added a customer, an item, asked it to save, or anything else. If I sort by 'In Process' there are tons of 'Sales' which are.. nothing, but all have an ID associated with them. If I open one of them, hit 'cancel sale' it seems to just open a new sale, and same thing again.

Is this normal? Am I doing, or not doing something I should? It just seems extremely untidy.


  • Natalie_G888Natalie_G888 Member Posts: 36 ✭

    @caskmusic You are definitely not doing anything wrong. I was very confused by this as well when we migrated. I can't understand who thought this was a good idea. I find it rather annoying and "untidy" as you said. Remember how we could put sales on hold in OnSite? I think this is Retails hold so you can pick up where you left off should you need to.

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 120 

    YES, that is correct. If you cancel a sale , it opens a new sale with a new sale id. Dumbest idea ever.

  • cwaliguracwaligura Member Posts: 5

    We used to have a Held Receipt function in our old POS as well. We now use the Save as QUOTE to hold a receipt that really needs to be held. This is working well for us. Our old POS also had the ability to save every receipt - making this same untidy situation - but we had the ability to turn that function off. The upside to having LS save every single receipt is that you never lose any work - it is literally saving everything whether you want it or not. Most screens have the ability to sort them out of view if you like. I would like the option to turn it off - but at least my sales people will never lose a sale they have been working on and have to start over. In summary, I did not like it either at first - but you get used to it.

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