Vendor rebate programs

rmaikenrmaiken Member Posts: 1

It is common in our retail segment to have vendor instant rebates programs that have to be applied to a variety of that vendor's items only over a specific period of time. Moreover, these variable rebate discounts must be shown on a customer sales receipt with date, customer name and the item's serial number in order to apply for reimbursement. The huge variability of (vendors x dates x items x serial # x rebate amounts) makes for a constant churn of keyboarding if implemented at the item level. So I presume, that like us, most LS Retail users implement these programs at each new sales transaction with the use of a non-inventories item, labeled "Mfg Rebate" for which your employee inserts the appropriate negative discount amount.

All obvious security issues aside, is this really the best practice for LS Retail?

Are there time based price rules to better implement these programs?

Are users adding custom fields to each item and implementing via imports as required?

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