Data Warehouse ItemShops timeStamp

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In the past I have created Data Warehouses for Lightspeed Retail customers. With this Data Warehouse I can create custom reports like Sell Through reports and so on.

At this point, I'm trying make my requests as efficient as possible. This is important because I want to update my Data Warehouses multiple times a day. Now I'm encountering the following problem. I only want to make requests for updated values in the Lightspeed Retail API. For the most endpoints I can use the timeStamp value, but have some problems with Items.

I need to get the qoh from the ItemShops relation from Items, but can't use timeStamp value of Item. The ItemShops relation has it own timeStamp, but ItemShops isn't a Lightspeed Retail Endpoint itself. So if the qoh of an item changes, this won't effect the timeStamp of the Item Endpoint. Does anybody know a solution for only updating Items where the qoh in the ItemShops relations is changed?



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