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My company is looking to benchmark our kitchen's performance. In order to do that, we want to know at what time each receipt entered each status (New, InProgress, Done).

Is it possible to pull this data from the API? Based on what I saw it looks like only 2 dates are available for a receipt: creationDate and modificationDate. These are not sufficient to get the data above, since for receipts that are done it will only show the New and Done timestamps.

I also looked at the CSV generated by the 'export data' tab in the restaurant management dashboard. It contains 4 dates:

  • Creation
  • Modified
  • Finalized
  • Delivery

Based on what I saw, the Creation, Modified and Finalized dates are all set to the same value (there's sometimes a 1 minute difference between them), so I do not think these values are actually accurate (I know that our kitchen does not close tickets in less than a minute). The Delivery date seems to be different, which is good.

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