Feature Request: Exclude Category

OperationsTeamOperationsTeam Member Posts: 2

Our Lead Buyer frequently pulls itemized sales reports using the Grouped Sales Totals/Items report. When you pull an itemized report, you can sort the items by category.

However, there is no option in Lightspeed to exclude a category from the report. This is a problem for our company, because we frequently need a report that has all categories except one.

We would like to request that next to the "Category" option, there is also an "Exclude Category" option, much in the same way there is a "Tag" or "Exclude Tag" option available.

Another option would be to include a "Category" column in the exported spreadsheet from that report. That way we could organize the spreadsheet by category, and delete all the items from the category we would like to exclude.

Unfortunately, without either of those options, we have to pull a report for each individual category, besides the one we wish to exclude, and then manually combine them all in a new spreadsheet.


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