Inventory Reorder Notifications

AutumnLJAutumnLJ Member Posts: 1

It would be really beneficial if, when having reorder points set for inventory, that we could get notifications when items hit their reorder point.


  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 33 ✭

    You should check out the Inventory Report titled 'Reorder List'. It's a report of all items at or below their Reorder Point. I think that a better solution here might be setting a regular calendar reminder for yourself to check that report. Some businesses have thousands of items with reorder points and receiving a notification every time one of them needed ordering would cause more issues than it would solve. You could also submit a Feature Request for this being an option that accounts could turn on or off.

  • CCFS_ZachCCFS_Zach Member Posts: 25

    I like this idea. Especially if we could set the notifications to be specific to certain items.

    Currently, we're having an issue with the automatic ordering of box items. We sell chain and rope by the foot, for example.

    Let's say a customer comes in and buys 5 feet of chain. Let's also assume there's 250 feet of chain on a spool. Once the customer checks out for 5-ft of chain, the 250-ft box is automatically broken down into 245 single 1-ft chains. At this point, the 250-ft box item will automatically reorder itself, although we still have 245 ft of chain left.

    Obviously, we could reorder when the broken down 1-ft item hits 0 instead. However, by doing so, it would order 250 spools of 250-ft chain (which would be outrageous).

    In this case, receiving a notification when the single 1-ft chain item hit 0 would be nice.

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