Sorting - Purchase Orders and Label Printing

MissMMissM Member Posts: 5

Why doesn't a purchase order retain the sort order when you print it??? As far as I can tell, it reverts to sorting the items alphabetically, which is entirely unhelpful. I've tried adding the items in the order I want them listed (by Manufact. SKU) and it does not retain the order. Onsite had this feature and it just seems like a no-brainer for anything related to retail. Picture a printed PO with 100+ line items and having to look through it line by line, instead of having it nicely sorted and being able to quickly locate a particular line item.

This is also problematic when it comes to label printing. Onsite would print labels in the order they were added or you had the option to sort them when they were in the queue. If Retail prints in a particular order, I have yet to notice. Again, this is entirely unhelpful if printing any large quantities of labels. Picture that same large PO, and printing out ALL of the labels in quantities of 12, and then having to sit and sort through ribbons of labels to find what you need.

It makes no sense - whatsoever.


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