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I am so disappointed with Retails reporting. We used onsite for 15 years and at the end of each day my store manager sends a very concise Sales report by Supplier and by Description (Vendor/Line) . This basic report drives my business. In a few seconds I can see very clearly what has happened in store for the day. It is essential for re-ordering and drives future purchasing (you can run the report for the whole season and filter by Supplier). To get the same information from Retail I would need to do a seperate report from each vendor. Thats up to 30 reports per store every day!!! Please tell me there is an easier way? I feel like I am driving a car without a windscreen, a speedometer or a fuel gauge? I cant see a thing. If you cough up the extra dollars does Analytics give the car a windscreen so that you can see? I'd love a solution.


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    This is the report I have been looking for! How did you get it out of Retail? Or did you sign up with Analytics?

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    We too used Onsite - for 12 years...loved the reporting. I cannot find a way to see what sizes we have sold...this is so basic...

    How can they sell this to a clothing retailer and not provide a way to see sizes sold?

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    BUMP! This would be a very useful report format!!

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    I'd say an Accounts Receivable report is even more basic still, but there isn't one of those either....

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    I sure do miss OnSite . . . . Retail's reporting is pretty pathetic.

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    The solution is likely paying for Lightspeed Analytics, which allows you more freedom in selecting the datasets you would like to report from. You can group, sort, use formulas, etc. as well as schedule the reports to automatically e-mail out. It's not cheap, but it is a solution. Agreed in that a lot of reports should've been included by default right in Lightspeed Retail.

    One of the annoyances for us is that a lot of reports don't list the item identifiers (e.g. - manufacturer SKU, item ID, etc.). For example, if we are doing a vendor return, the report just shows a brief item description. Like the vendors wouldn't be expecting their SKU's listed? 😕

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    Yes, another instance of basic, essential, everyday functionality being withheld to push people towards paying for add-on modules. 10% of that module will be stuff you need and should have had for free, and the other 90% will be stuff you never need or use. Like the old Cable TV model.

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