*FEATURE REQUEST* Allow users to manually assign which special orders are marked as received

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Hey Lightspeed -

I've started a discussion regarding regular inventory problems we continue to experience surrounding special orders. See https://community.lightspeedhq.com/en/discussion/5032/inventory-control-is-useless-in-lsr

I can't say this directly enough... VENDORS DO NOT ALWAYS SHIP COMPLETE OR IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. It seems that this could be at least partially solved if we had the ability to decide which special orders will be marked as ready, rather than the system doing it automatically based on which orders are tied to the PO.

On-Site was GREAT about this. It notified us that there were special orders tied to the PO, but it was up to us to reserve the product. How about making that a thing again?

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    We've discovered another issue regarding special orders, specifically if you attach more orders to a PO.

    As any retail business can tell you, it is not uncommon to have a customer cancel a special order. When this happens, we delete the special order, which removes the link to the purchase order. If you then attach another customer's order to that PO, it will automatically mark their order as "ready" when the PO is fully received.

    This is a major problem if you have deleted, say 10 orders, but only have 4 outstanding units coming to complete the PO. Because LSR does not keep track of the order once it is cancelled (deleted), you have no way to know how many orders you can continue to add.

    We encountered this yesterday when receiving the final 4 cameras on a PO. The system instead marked 14 orders ready, even though there were only 4, because it interpreted the completed PO as meaning that all 14 orders were ready. We were told the only way to fix this was to delete all of the special orders, re-create them, and then add them to new purchase orders.

    Removing the automation, allowing the receiver to assign the special orders as they see fit, would be a step in the right direction and avoid major headaches when dealing with special orders.

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