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Hello- Please consider building a scheduling platform that would allow us to place a "time value" on each service so we can set limits on how much service we schedule daily. We often get a couple dozen work orders scheduled in a short period of time and if we're not able to communicate minute-by-minute, our schedules can get overbooked.

Ideally we would be able to have separate schedules for each mechanic, with the ability to manage how many hours of service they are able to take in on any given day. (This may be a bike shop specific request)

If anybody out there has an interesting solve, I would love to hear about it.

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    Hey @brodywakefield

    In retail, the work orders don't have open API values, meaning that an integration would not be able to connect directly to retail. You could always consider using an integration like HubTiger, for example, but this would take you outside of Retail.

    There's another solution you could consider called Booxie, where bike stores will block off "Busy time slots" to book off time in their calendar, and in the details they would manually put the Workorder ID, so the rest of the staff know what they are working on at that moment, however, there is no ability to "import" anything from Retail with the information of the work orders. You'll need to navigate to your calendar and set an hour or more as "busy".

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