Feature request: Purchase orders / receiving to function as it did in Onsite

dromanettidromanetti Member Posts: 4

Most retailers do not receive the entire order that they request from their vendors. When you partially receive on a PO, it does not hit LS Accounting. Then when another shipment arrives, you can not reconcile what was newly received with the vendor invoice. We receive a vendor invoice for each shipment. No one pays for an entire order when they only receive some of it. You can only final out a PO when it is entirely recieved, which means that it will sync over one large bill to LS Accounting when all items are received instead of each shipment received, as was done in LS Onsite. Requesting that this system mirror LS Onsite, which was designed to work properly and actually provide retailers with a way to reconcile what they receive with what the vendor thinks they sent and actually billed us for. Without this, your inventory receiving system is actually not useful at all.


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    @dromanetti - The LSR product seems to operate on several assumptions:

    1: Vendors ship PO's complete every time

    2: Vendors ship PO's in the same chronological order which they were received

    3: Customers who have special orders for product are always ready exactly when the product comes in, and never turn it down, so there is no reason to have flexibility who it gets reserved for.

    Those of us who work in a retail environment know that none of these assumptions are remotely correct. I am glad to see that others are speaking up about this frustrating difference between Retail & OnSite.

    +100 for this request!!

  • cdoremuscdoremus Member Posts: 6


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