New integration project, need access to an old account.

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We began a project 5 years ago to begin using the Retail API to pull our store data to process in our local system and populate our accounting system. The programmer that was working on the project told me he had successful connection and download of data, but the project was put on hold.

website: ""

Just need a new API Key (I think) and/or more (some) information on the API, Access, Connection setup etc.

When using the old information, the login fails. The original login was configured thru RestSharp (not sure if that is relevant to this part).

Let me know if you need further information from me to get me access to the areas I need to retrieve our data.

Thank You,

Doug Rossi

[email protected]

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    Hey to create a new API key, you can go through the steps on this page.

    The first step is to register your client using this page.

    Once this is done, post the name of the API client and I will get that approved for you. 

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