LSLoyalty.getReceipt Angular application

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Im trying to follow the instructions here to get the receipt details with the js function, but Im not getting anything.

Im doing this in angular/typescript so I may be mixing up something.

I declare the library at the start: declare let LSLoyalty: any;

on init i call: LSLoyalty.getReceipt(s => this.receiptLoaded(), this.receiptError())

then I have my separate functions below:

  receiptLoaded() {

    this.log += '\nr loaded';

    this.log += '\n' + JSON.stringify(arguments);


  receiptError() {

    this.log += '\nr error'


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    if anyone is looking for an answer, you need to call it like so

     LSLoyalty.getReceipt(res => {

            this.receipt = res;

          }, err => {

    this.errors = err;


    res would contain the Receipt json object

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