Tracking Customer Requests

Hi! We're a plant nursery that is consistently getting requests for items that have not arrived yet. Is there a way to attach a customer profile to a product in Lightspeed so we can keep track of these requests and call the customers once the items have arrived?


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    Hi @Gardens_of_Babylon ,

    There is no way to attach a customer to a product. You can use the application called "MyStockNotifier" so your customers can sign up for a notification for when your products are back in stock:

    Alternatively, you could create a spreadsheet to keep track of the customers and the products they want.


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    @Gardens_of_Babylon Create a SPECIAL ORDER for the customer with the out of stock product with $0 deposit (not that the deposit goes to the sale anyway).

    When the item arrives, the stock controller/person can easily see who is waiting for the item.

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