Basic Functionality Missing

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Basic Functionality Missing


1.      Quantity of items being sold - There should be a running quantity (total units) at the bottom of the sales window for a user ringing a sale. We should not have to count the items on the screen to be sure how many were entered.


2.      New Sale Button - A new sale should not automatically open. Within a sale window, there should be a 'New Sale' button to trigger a transaction window to be generated and a Transaction ID assigned, for all users. Currently, anytime a sales associate logs-in with a PIN, to even check inventory, a new sale is generated. The Button should be located on the same line as the ‘+New’ (New Customer Button), ‘Loyalty’ Button, ‘Misc’ Button and ‘Gift Card’ Button.


3.      Transaction ID - When a new sale is open, the Transaction ID number generated should appear at the top left of the sale window.


4.      Cancelling a Sale - When you cancel a sale, Lightspeed requires a PIN sign and then automatically creates a new sale. Would be fixed if 2nd item is rectified.



5.      Gift Card Purchasing or Using - Gift cards should generate cost, not just create a zero in and zero out. Please see Lightspeed ONSITE. Much more efficient way to tabulate and better for accounting purposes. A Gift Card is a product as well. Not just cash. A customer purchasing a gift card should be able to earn points for their purchase. The Recipient of the Gift card should not receive Loyalty Points from its use. They can sign up for the Loyalty program themselves once they purchase a product without a gift card. This would incentivize people to buy Gift Cards as gifts.


6.      Authorization Code Field – A Field for logging Credit Card Authorization Numbers from External Payment processing station should be within the payment window.


7.      Special Orders & Quotes - Again, as in ONSITE, Special Orders and Quotes are not included in DAILY TRANSACTIONS unless they have been Invoiced and Paid for on that day or have received a deposit on that specific day.


8.      Special Orders Designation – A Special Order Designation (e.g., SPO) should be shown next to any Item that is tied to a special order. It should be shown on the Inventory search page in a column next to the specific item as well as with the item’s page itself. It should be clickable to take you to that specific SPO and able to be edited or invoiced from there.


9.      Multiple Discount Fields for Items and Customer Types – Items should be able to qualify for multiple discount types and customers should be as well.


o  E.g. We have a First Responder Discount for multiple products.

§ First Responder Discount Wine 10%

§ First Responder Discount Spirits 5%

We are unable to add both to a customer profile since we are only allowed one entry.



1.      Additional ‘Searchable’ Fields – We are a fine wine shop. The vintage and size of a particular product is crucial to us on a daily basis. There must be a field with each product that is fillable and searchable for these specific traits.

2.      Searchable Tags - All tags created must be searchable in the inventory search field of RETAIL and ECOM.


3.      Entering Tags – Tags should only be entered in the Tag Page (Inventory > Settings > Tags). Here is where tags should be created. It would be easier and more efficient. The Tags would not be in danger of duplication. After which, with in each individual product, the ‘Tag Field’ should be a drop-down window containing all Tags that were created on the Tag Page. The User could then choose all tags in this window that apply. If a tag did not exist, the drop-down window can have a ‘create new link’ button, which would take them to the Tags Page while simultaneously saving any data that was created in the new item before changing pages. These Tags would make it easier as well if they were propagated to the ECOM as well.



1.      CUSTOMER TYPE - Again, like in ONSITE, I should be able to choose what type of customer they are "Individual" or "Corporation". Currently Corporate Accounts cannot be listed in main customer window.


2.      CUSTOMER ID - We need to be able to search by ‘CUSTOMER NUMBER or WORD’. Currently, after the Migration by DOOSYNC, the customer ID numbers from ONSITE transferred over into a field called ‘CUSTOM’ within its respective customer window. This number must be able to be cross populated to the Loyalty Program customer list for seamless access in any window be it RETAIL, ECOM or LOYALTY. This way a user can quickly find a customer solely by entering the specific code in any customer window. These codes can be any combination of any alphabet or numerical characters. (e.g., 1234, 1A2A, BSMITH1, ILUVWINE, or anything else)

a.      Customer ID numbers be should not be able be replicable. A prompt should occur stating that this CUSTOMER ID is already taken.


3.      CUSTOMER DATA - All data should propagate seamlessly between RETAIL, ECOM and LOYALTY. I should be able to access SPECIAL ORDERS, QUOTES, and all past and current TRANSACTION for any customer from any entry point.


·        Question: Within Loyalty. (Loyalty > Edit Customer Information) there is a blank field at the top right of the individual customer’s screen. What is it for? Is this for, or could this be used for, the assigning of a CUSTOMER NUMBER or WORD as we discussed above.


I will continue to add to this list as I find more basic needs. We have only been using Lightspeed Retail for 2 days but have been using Lightspeed ONSITE for 11 years. There was a lot of concise functionality in ONSITE that should be transferred over to RETAIL. Especially when it comes to the back-end accounting.


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