Variable Barcode for bulk items

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We sell items by weight. Our scale generates a barcode with a price that varies by the different weight of each item. Our current POS system is able to scan these barcodes and we are about to switch to Lightspeed Retail and i would like to know if this is possible.

As an example, within our current POS sytem, an item sold by bulk would have a barcode of 200037PMM.MM, where 37 is the code on our scale for that particular item and PMM.MM would be the price generated. If an item is $5/100 grams and it is 175 grams, the scale would generate a price of $8.75 with that price worked into the printed barcode.

Does Lightspeed have some kind of variable barcode that can be put in for an item so we can continue using the scale?

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