Feature Request: Duplicate quotes and/or orders

ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 41 ✭

Hi LSR Team -

It would be incredibly helpful if there was the ability to duplicate a quote that was already saved in the system. Often times, we will have a customer with 25-30 items on a quote, but needs to adjust just 3-4 items to have different purchase options. Under the current system, we need to re-input all 30 items, which is very time consuming and prone to user error.

It would also be very helpful if we could duplicate orders. Some customers have a regular order that may have 8-10 items on it that they're ordering once a month. This could help streamline these types of orders.



  • HENRYHENRY Member Posts: 3

    You can duplicate by writing the whole quote/invoice number in a new item search sales

  • ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 41 ✭

    @HENRY I tried what you suggested, and while it did indeed import the quote when it put the number into the sale, if I change it, it changed the original quote, so I don't have a great way to provide a customer with two quotes that are 80% the same, with a few key differences, unless I am starting it from scratch. If it's just a few items, no big deal, but if I've got 30+ line items it's not practical.

    Have you encountered any workaround in this kind of scenario?


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