API outage & delivery addresses

PieterJanPieterJan Member Posts: 1

Since it seems like the email support has been terminated, I am posting my question here. If you need more information like client Ids, I can provide them over email.

This weekend we had some issues with the light speed apis. We send orders from our platform to light speed but we had some failing calls to https://lightspeedapis.com endpoints for several different clients.

Especially at 16/05 17:48 - 17:51 we had several requests failing with a 503 Service temporarily unavailable.

Was there an outage around the time?

We also had some other single calls fail at more random times.

We were also wondering what the best way would be to send a delivery order to lightspeed and include the address. Looking at https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/resto-api/endpoints/onlineordering/#post-create-a-new-order-not-for-establishments-for-a-customer there does not seem to be a designated field. Should we use the note field and will that get printed on the tickets?

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