We want to read data for a business intelligence tool, do we need to be a partner?

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I'm Joeri, a dev working for the Park Playground VR in Belgium. We currently have a trial account for the restaurant L-series feature since 8-12-2020. We haven't really used it due to corona, but the intention is to use it to keep track of the logistics and finances of the bars that are present in our venues. I also don't really have experience using lightspeed, however I was assigned to gather data from it to integrate into our business intelligence platform for when we eventually start using it. So preferably I would like to connect to an API and read the data on daily, weekly, monthly,... intervals.

All responses on this forum however point towards the restaurant API being limited to lightspeed partners. So my question is why? And what does it mean to be a partner of lightspeed? Based on the info page, I don't see what the benefit would be for us to become a partner? Or why it would be necessary just to collect BI data?

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