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I really think when a retailer switches from a rewards program to Loyalty rewards that there should be columns for email and phone consent (Yes or No) We have spent a lot time building our customer list and signing up customers in store with our old rewards program. Now when I upload those customers I have to find a way to contact them to log on and give consent to the new rewards program (which they already gave that consent when they signed up the first time) - I fear we will loose a lot of rewards customers by asking them to resign this time from the new Lightspeed Loyalty program. Plus I can't even send them an email from Loyalty rewards asking them to do this, so now I have to send an email from the old rewards program asking them to resign up for the new program 😞Doesn't that look unprofessional.

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    I have figured out the opt-in and out option.

    My issue now is I cant update their information. Our old system did not require phone numbers, we had those in retail, so we did not require it. Now, as you need a phone number to create a loyalty account (link them to their transferred account), I cant, because it doesn't find the loyalty account- It creates a new one!! I have to delete my customers out of loyalty- create a new customer profile for them with the updated information and then manually re-give them their points. !!!

    I understand your frustration though, the loyalty system is filled with limitations, and frustrations. I have been paying staff hours, and hours upon days! of wage just working on getting my customers set up properly. If I had realized that all this was the case, I would have manually entered them all from the start. Now I am doing all the work a second or third time!

    The information online, the webinar and all the original sales pitches made loyalty seen like a breeze.... If I had not wasted so much time in this already, I would just cancel and go back to my old system. My customers couldnt get or redeem points online (which is why we switched), but that seems like a fair trade off at this point. Sigh!

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