Inventory History - Requires access to Reports

TraciHoweTraciHowe Member Posts: 2

I do not want to give my Manager role all the access to Reports just so they can see Inventory History.



  • woolynwoolyn Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2021

    I 100% agree. It is ridiculous that in order for an employee to be able to see the sales history of an item (which is necessary for returns without a receipt, so they get credited to the proper sale) they have to have access to ALL reports.

    It is like LS doesn't understand the things a business owner needs to keep private and those it doesn't. Employees shouldn't' be able to be have access to generate reports regarding the health of the business when all they need to do is look at a single item's history.

  • JasonRobertsJasonRoberts Member Posts: 29

    Argh! I just signed in to see if I could figure out which permission I need for my staff to have access to inventory history, for the exact reason noted above. We had a customer come in with an exchange, but she had no receipt and had not given us an email address. Without that information, I'm the only one who can assist the customer. I absolutely cannot give all of my people access to reports!

    I really miss LS Onsite.

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