Retail Daily Restock Report

AynslberryAynslberry Member Posts: 2

I am having a hard time finding the best report for our daily re-stocking needs (we are an outdoor store). All we need is Brand, Item Sold, and Quantity on Hand of each item. Why is this so hard to find in Retail? I don't want to have to pay the huge expense of signing up for Analytics when all I need is one restock report. Anyone else have this issue?


  • mattangermattanger Member Posts: 106 ✭

    Hey @Aynslberry, this isn't a right now thing, but, if you're interested in a being a beta tester, I'm working on a service that would offer this type ( plus others ) at a fraction of the cost of Analytics. The built in reporting isn't great, and I'm hoping that I'll have an alternative available soon. Send me a direct message if you're interested!

    Matt Anger

  • Tim_The_Grand_NagusTim_The_Grand_Nagus Member Posts: 12

    We use the item sold report in Retail, and filter by register or staff member depending on the day. That works fairly well although it's not ideal.

  • spferreiraspferreira Member Posts: 17

     @Aynslberry I agree that Lightspeed does not offer a great out-of-the-box solution for this. We also have been using sales by item. We use a simple Excel Macro to format the export and simplify. However at times during the year we host pop up shops in different locations on campus. It's tricky to separate each locations sales - it's a pain in fact.

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