workflow issues when adding new items to LS retail and ecomm

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There are multiple opportunities for improved workflow when adding new items to LS retail especially when they are also going to be visible on ecomm. LS retail manages the inventory so retail should be the controlling program but it isn’t in all areas… here are a few issues that could dramatically improve workflow:

·      Change LS retail to Include all key information about an item including:

-long and short description

- weight and dimensions

this would allow for all the critical information to be set up on one screen in one place and then mirrored in ecomm. Currently you have to set up a new item in retail then go to Ecomm and populate weight, dims, long description, etc. which is time consuming and prone to errors or can result in missing key information… For examply, if you forget to add the weight to a new item you can get stuck shipping it for free depending on how your system is set up. As an added bonus, having this additional info on the retail side would provide staff with all critical information when fielding phone in orders.

·      Using the “duplicate” function to create a new item requires you to then go into ecomm and change the search engine address as well as doing all the steps noted in the above point….. Simply changing it so the search engine address doesn’t populate until after you click the save button in retail would remove the unnecessary step of correcting the address in ecomm after the fact.

·      Using the vendor catalogue to import a new item has a similar problem: as soon as you find the item and click “import” it sucks in and saves everything including items you may want to adjust such as brand information. Sounds good on the surface but one of our vendors uses 3 letter codes for brands rather than the full proper brand name which is more useful especially on ecomm… so as soon as you import you suddenly have a new brand in your system that you may not want. It would be better if the imported information did not update or add anything until after clicking the save button to avoid the unnecessary second step of having to merge brands or delete the incorrect ones after the fact. 

Most of my day is spent managing inventory; the above changes would dramatically reduce time spent



  • Uncle_MiltonUncle_Milton Member Posts: 69 ✭

    Addendum: when you change, correct or otherwise modify a description in LS retail it should update the search engine address in Ecom.... it does not do this

  • Tim_The_Grand_NagusTim_The_Grand_Nagus Member Posts: 12

    Something we struggle with a lot as well, there is much duplication of information for sure.

    One tip that may help is that you can set a default weight and dimension for an item if it doesn't have one in the eCom settings (Under Shipment Methods). That will at least stop parcels from shipping for free, although you may need to play around with a minimum weight and dimension that works best for you.

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    Excellent points; all the above are needed.

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