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We have run into somewhat of an issue when checking customers out based on a previous quote. It's not an error, but perhaps something that could be improved.

For example, let's say a customer, Bob, comes in on January 20th to request a quote on multiple items. In this case, many different types of lumber and building materials. Bob calls back July of the same year to proceed with the purchase based on that quote. When the cashier pulls up the quote to the sales screen, everything comes up and they are able to check the customer out. However, the prices on all the materials have changed, but the quote values were still from January. (With this being the case, the customer can potentially get a huge discount if the prices have increased since the previous date, and money will be lost due to cost increases)

I do understand that this is a "quote", but it would be nice to have the option to update the prices at the sale screen, or maybe even automatically remove quotes after so many days. Otherwise, the cashiers may not notice significant price changes and money will be lost in the process.



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    Hi Zach, We find the quote system clunky and it would be good if Bob has three quotes they all pop up like a special order, lay away etc so it shows three quotes sitting there. This would also help your issue sor t of because then you can complete the quote after adjusting prices. We are after a better fix with Quotes too. Regards, Mark

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    The Quote system is one of the most disappointing features of the new Lightspeed retail. Coming from the now unsupported Lightspeed onsite, The quotes have gone years backwards. Still cant wrap my mind around this is what they replaced their old system with. Hoping they improve quote's and other shortcomings.

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