Changing registerID and paymentTypeID

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Hi Devs!

I'm trying to change the registerID and the paymentTypeID for a completed sale using the retail API.

If I change only the registerID in the Sale only on its own, it works. However, if I try to change the paymentTypeID and/or the registerID in the SalePayments, I get the following error 500.

"httpCode":"500","httpMessage":"Internal Server Error","message":"An error has occurred and we've been notified. Please try again and if this problem continues please contact support.","errorClass":"InternalServerErrorHttpException"

This is my bit of code:

$relations = json_encode(array("SalePayments"));
$url = "" . $account_id . "/Sale/" . $saleID . ".json?load_relations=" . $relations;
$headers = array (
    "Authorization: Bearer " . $access_token,
    "Accept: application/json"

$payload = array(
    'registerID' => strval($registerID),
    'SalePayments' => array(
        'SalePayment' => array(
            'paymentTypeID' => strval($paymentTypeID),
            'registerID' => strval($registerID)

Please note I tried with, and without the load_relations for the SalePayments and I get the exact same error message either way.

Any help is greatly appreciated. We can do this through the GUI through Reports -> Payments -> Received -> Select a transaction -> Payments. However, I want to do it through the API.


Thanks! Max.



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