Still no webhook news? Or any news? Beuller? ...Beuller?

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I've been searching the community forums here for any news on this, and it seems like we're all just kind of shouting into the void about it. The most we've seen from support here (when it's not complete radio silence), is along the lines of "We'll pass this sentiment onto the development team" and the conversation dies there. It's like a cartoon I saw once where a company had a Suggestion Box set up, but the camera pans over to reveal that the box just empties into a furnace. I can't really speak for anyone else, but that's how it feels to me.

In my particular situation, I've made the (now apparent) mistake of just assuming webhooks existed on this platform, and planned accordingly. My fault? Probably. There's quirks to every API that requires some amount of adaptation, but it's genuinely surprising (at least to me) that webhooks makes this list. This experience has definitely solidified the "measure twice, cut once" mentality when it comes to your platform.

The more I think about it, however, the more I realize that the main reason I took the existence of webhooks as a given is largely due to the fact that I have been more or less conditioned to expect it as part of the API package. It's industry standard to have that out-of-the-box on every enterprise-level product I've worked with - at the very least in a bare-bones capacity.

This is like if you bought a car, the dealer delivers the car to you, and then you find out it didn't come with any wheels. Of course, you would ultimately be responsible for buying a car with no wheels. But since it's pretty standard for wheels to come with the car - why would you even think to ask the dealer about it?

To make matters more frustrating, there's a two-year-old discussion sitting in the forums that has been periodically resurrected with posts consisting of either "+1 for webhooks" or "Hey, any news on this?" and if - if - support deigns to respond, we're brushed off with "Uh, yeah, we'll send this up the flag-pole" and our request seems to slide gracefully through the Suggestion Box slot and drops right into the furnace below.

Before I go any further with what is quickly turning into a full-on rant, I want to point out that yes, I do realize that the moderators on this forum may not necessarily have the authoritative weight to push requests onto the dev team to the extent that it affects their priorities. I fully understand that's just now how Level-1 support works, or is even intended to work (generally speaking).

That being said, when I dive back into the forums to research a specific issue, mod posts seem to be few, far-between, and sometimes even seems like they don't have enough specific information on how the API works to be helpful beyond how to make basic calls. I'm not trying to take shots at the mod team here, as I understand that Level-1 support typically works off of a playbook to resolve minor issues. But the more time I spend in the forum, the more apparent this problem becomes to me. So, when I see a post by a mod, I can't just assume they're correct with 100% certainty, I now have to spend more time verifying it.

And that's if a mod responds. For anyone who might not be aware, this is the only form of support the API has. I had a few questions earlier, while I was getting ready to begin developing for this API, so I called up support. Beyond regurgitating a URL for this forum, it was "Sorry, we don't do that." Then, when you go to the forums, it's like pulling teeth to get an answer on anything. It might be days before you hear anything back, if you even hear anything at all.

For instance: I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could track down your development roadmap. There's one discussion that keeps coming up in both Google and your own in-house search, and it was posted on April 20, 2021. It took staff until May 11th to deliver a response - and it was "oh, we're fixing the page, so it's not available." No ETA. No URL to periodically check up on. We're just left twisting in the wind on that one.

As an interesting side note - in the post mentioned above, the responding mod (VanessaD) just casually admits that responding to users isn't always a priority. On the only platform that serves as the only source of support and information for developers. Maybe I'm reading too much into that response, but given the history of staff seeming to respond solely out of convenience - it just hits such an out-of-touch tone. It says you know it's an issue, but you just can't be arsed to actually address it.

As we slide further and further down this tangent, I'd like to take a moment to thank @gregarican. In the vast majority of issues I wind up investigating on these forums, while the mod response(s) may be minimally helpful or entirely non-existent, this dude is almost always there with greater insight into the issue than anyone else involved in the conversation. Lightspeed, are you affiliated with Gregarican? Do you pay him? You should be, because he's out-performing your own support staff on a consistent basis by himself.

Now, I know this is a lot to just spew forth onto the forums when the only contribution I've made here is a post illustrating my ineptitude with respect to the concept of case-sensitivity. Please understand, however, that this post isn't solely the result of not having webhooks, or unreliable support. It has more to do with the webhooks simply being the straw that broke the camel's back.

We've just been migrated from OnSite to Retail. A quick recount of our experience, so far: We were initially sent only some of the required equipment and had to call multiple times to get the equipment we were promised by the date we were promised. During installation, both receipt printers were non-functional. We were assured by the sales team that these printers were Bluetooth ready (with manufacturer specs stating the same), but phone support relentlessly insisted they were not. So, in the meantime, we hooked up our old equipment (which, by the way, we were told would not be compatible by the sales team) and everything worked just fine. There was trouble getting on the same page as DOOSYNC, due to wrong links and incomplete information sent to us. I could go on, but this post is already long enough and amounts, in essence, to a series of minor to moderate inconveniences that we had to take the initiative to get resolved.

I know that last bit seems like some amount of whining, and ordinarily, I would agree. Hurdles pop up. "Shit happens," so to speak. But given that we were promised a seamless transition and given that we're paying twice the industry standard (after a $900 discount for the first year!) for what could be argued a standard product - I honestly can't think of a reason not to advocate jumping ship in favor of a different platform as soon as our contract ends. Every new integration to a business has some growing pains, that's true. This, however, sets a new benchmark for the "pain" part of "growing pains", in my personal experience.

To be perfectly honest, it's not that I want to jump ship. The staff here at our shop put quite a bit of time into working with OnSite and in switching to Retail, there's some feature improvements and workflows that make our lives much easier when it comes to day to day operations. But that appreciation tends to evaporate pretty quickly when support is spotty at best and expected features and performance is falling short out of the gate.

To fellow devs still reading at this point: Am I crazy? Am I being fair? I've only been lurking the forums here for a few months, and I realize the scope of this post goes quite a bit outside of the realm of development. But all I have is my experience and observations over that time. If my perspective is skewed or if I'm just flat out wrong about things, please correct me. We're only just beginning the term of our contract and, if at all possible, I would like to make sure I'm not walking around with false assumptions or unfair expectations.

To any Lightspeed members still reading: I know this has been a tough read. It's long, there's a lot of complaints, and if any of you are reading this at the end of the day, I apologize for putting this at top-of-mind for the commute home. But the perception from my end here is there's a whole lot of effort being put into Sales, and the same level of effort isn't being extended to Development and is certainly not being extended to Support. It all winds up giving me this perspective where I don't necessarily believe that we were ushered into a relatively expensive contract, then given the bare minimum support since you already got payment up front - but it's a perspective where that scenario feels entirely plausible.

So, I guess this is all just to say: Hey - can we pretty please get an update on webhooks? Or, at the very least, an update on the roadmap?




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    Hi @Digwood Thank you very much for your candid feedback. The API support team is acutely aware of all the issues you've raised and completely understand your frustration. For context, we are a team of 3 people who support all of Lightspeed's partners across 4 products, in addition to moderating the API forums for questions from non-partner developers. We endeavour to respond to all posts with the shortest delay possible while also trying to encourage community participation, but as you have observed, sometimes posts may not be answered right away, or can fall through the cracks.

    We too, are aware that @gregarican has been extremely helpful in answering questions and providing guidance and are extremely grateful for his contributions to this forum. It is our hope that the API community will eventually have the participation of more experienced API users who are able to provide insight and suggestions to newer or more inexperienced users, in order to create more of a forum atmosphere as opposed to a platform for direct Q&A with support. In the meantime, of course, we continue to actively monitor posts and respond to questions to the best of our abilities.

    Webhooks are a frequently requested functionality and we are just as eager to see them implemented as you, and many other API users, are. I will reach out directly to our product team to get more information on their roadmap.

    Thank you again for your feedback and I will follow up once I have a response from our product development team.

    API Support
    Lightspeed HQ
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