Would like to turn the negative inventory feature back OFF

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Hi there,

I know other retailers have asked for this feature, but in our store it is just a complete annoyance. I would love to be able to turn it off. It is always something to do with a clerical error on our end--we miscount what we receive, sell something that is "not in stock," and then we have negative inventory. The problem is if we don't fix it right away our inventory will be wrong for that item going forward, and we end up with a bunch of "-1" inventory items that are just truly "0" inventory and the negative is meaningless. So we have to manually fix it or its just one more thing to deal with when we do inventory.

Again, would love to just be able to remove the feature. One of our accounts does not have it and it saves a lot of issues. We are merging accounts into the one with the negative inventory feature turned on and not looking forward to it.

Thanks for your time.



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    I agree! At the least, it should be an option that can be turned off or on by the merchant. When turned off, the system should not allow a transaction on the POS to process. Perhaps there could be a pop up message that halts the transaction.

    This option is basically offered on the eCom side where one can turn "Allow Backorders" off or on. Because our inventory is one (it is available for online sales as well as in person sales), it is possible for a clerk to accidently ring up an item and give it away to someone in person, even though the item was sold minutes earlier online. There has got to be a better way of stopping/managing this on the retail side. Mistakes are going to happen and that's fine but we'd hate to disappoint the customer because of it.


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    Can you not just go to Settings -> Optional Modules? There's a toggle switch in there for me.

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    Hello Xbgwmr,

    Unfortunately there are customers that joined LSP retail after June 2019: Enabling negative inventory – Lightspeed Retail (lightspeedhq.com)

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    Have you contacted support to ask if they can disable that module or make it visible so you can disable it?

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