Retail needs much better reporting on shipping for tax purposes

MaynardMaynard Member Posts: 2

In Colorado, US., we are required to pay taxes based on where items are shipped to. But there is no easy way to track what was shipped to where. So for every shipping order we have, I have to go into each sale and look at all of the lines to determine what tax class the items were and what the ship-to address was. Even with only a few shipping orders per month, this adds to an already cumbersome sales tax workflow. Enough so that I cannot recommend Retail or eCom for anyone living in the state of Colorado (or other places that have a similar tax structure). It's way too much of a pain to file sales tax returns properly.

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  • HamptonHampton Member Posts: 52

    You may already be on this platform ... I would recommend looking at an integration with Shippo for single location and Shipstation for multiple locations .

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