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I need to be able to print gift receipts before a customer is finished shopping - for example - our customers will pick out a few things for gifts - we get right to wrapping while the customer continues to shop - that way when the customer checks out everything is wrapped & ready to go.

How do I achieve this? As far as I can tell - I can only print a gift receipt for a sales that has been paid for ?

Also- I let people put things on account - now I understand I have to put it on "Layaway" - how do I print a gift receipt for something on layaway?

This changes how we conduct business - Onsite is great Retail has so many limitations. I am hoping to learn some "work arounds".

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    Hey @BEVV

    Gift receipts will only be available once you complete the sale, however, you could always place the items as a quote on the customer's profile, it'll give you an estimate of the cost and once the customer is ready to pay, migrate the quote into a sale and print out the official gift receipt.

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