Do Lightspeed Offer a Rate Limit Increase?

darryl_ssdarryl_ss Member Posts: 115
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Hi @Lightspeed,

Do you offer a package for faster retail API rates and how much would that be please? Alternatively are you able to offer a burst over a set timeframe so that I can fix some issues with our app and reduce the calls that it is making?




  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 868 

    Speaking from experience, I believe when we initially on-boarded with Retail we temporarily saw increased API call rates. After that initial data conversion push, it dropped back down to the norm.

    Albeit the Retail API call rates instituted are very stingy compared to other API solution providers, it requires some creativity in terms of what you're pulling. For us, I typically have a middleware SQL Server repository that houses most of what is in Retail. And have regularly-scheduled delta pulls only records that have been modified within a smaller timespan.

    If you are looking to add or change records via the Retail API, then that's a different story altogether. In that regard, I think the current system scales rather poorly. Thankfully in our situation we are only pulling records for enhanced reporting and analysis via our middleware repo.

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