Lightspeed integration with Opera

cyberandocyberando Member Posts: 1

We are looking for help integrating Lightspeed with Opera. This is for our new hotel bar; we want guests to be able to charge drinks to their room.

We have been working with tech support for both Oracle and Lightspeed all week, but have not had any success. Oracle needs the IP address, port numbers, and the "room charge tender media" number. Nobody at Lightspeed has been able to provide this. We know the IP address of the Lightserver, but need the other details, as well as any configuration changes that need to be made to Lightspeed to make the integration work.

After many attempts and a defunct e-mail address, we were given a link to this forum. Our account executive is Nicholas Veenhoven. This is for Galena Prime Hotels LLC.

Please help.

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