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We have subcategories that fall under multiple categories. For example:

  • Bike -> Car Racks
  • Shop more -> Car Racks

Instead of having two "Car Racks" category pages, is there a way to have one Subcategory fall under multiple Categories?

We're on the Viola theme if that helps at all.

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  • AzTAzT Member Posts: 74 ✭

    The simple answer is there is no way to do that. However, there are some other options. The first option would have "Shop more" be a text page, with images and links to the subs you want. That can make navigation difficult for the customer though so it isn't what I personally recommend. The second option is to create a sub under "Shop more" called "Car Racks". You would need to manually add the items additionally to this category but it's easy for customers and what I have personally been doing for now.

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