Quotes! Lightspeed Retail! They need to get better

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Our store just transitioned from Lightspeed Onsite to Lightspeed Retail, no choice since Onsite has been discontinued...

The new Retail is missing several of the convenient professional features we enjoyed with Onsite for the better part of a decade, but the biggest disappointment is Quotes!

We have a family run Liquor store and providing services for private parties is a large part on our summer business. Each party is Quoted for our customer to review and modify as needed. The old Onsite quote system was clean, professional looking and easily modified if needed. The new system is none of those.

There is no way to reorganize the quote after items are added. This may not seem like a big deal but it is one of our biggest complaints from our customers receiving the new emailed quotes. We try to group similar liquors together so customers can easily see what brands they ordered (vodkas, tequilas, wine, etc...). If the customer decides to add an additional brand of tequila to their quote it will only show up at the bottom, we can not drag itup the quote to group with the others. Again this sounds like a minor annoyance but its very confusing for customers to figure out what they are looking at after putting a quote together.

Another problem is how the quotes print and email to customers. They send just like you printed a receipt (long skinny receipt). This might be normal if the Onsite quotes didnt set the stage for a clean professional quote setup.

There is no way to adjust pricing (if one of the items quotes has changed) besided deleting the item and re-adding it to the quote.

We have only been Live with LS Retail for 2 weeks and we are sure there are dozes of other shortcoming we will be discovering, I truly hope the developers take a peak into Lightspeeds past and work to improve their NEW Point of Sale system... Or if its easier, BRING ONSITE BACK, we will be happy to migrate back!

Why they decided to go backwards instead of building a similar/improved version of the Lightspeed Onsite they had for the last decade is beyond me.

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