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I have a question about "Tags" in Lightspeed Retail that hopefully someone can answer. I tried briefly searching for a similar post but was unable to find one.

To get to the point - Mainly, I'm wondering if there is a way to access an item's "tag" within the Print Templates section for labels. The purpose of this would be to show the item tags on the labels we print. I'm assuming this is possible through the API; although I do have a small amount of coding experience, I've never used the API and am not familiar with it. Also, I'm not sure if using the "tag" feature for items would bog things down. In addition, there's the case that an item may have multiple tags, so this could be difficult in some situations.

The main reason we would like to add tags to our labels is so we can add the shelf location for our items. In our store, we have many different items in different departments. It can take time to find where certain things are if you're not familiar with the store. The shelf location would work perfect for those in receiving. (Once the item is received - print the label, look at the "tag" for the shelf location, store the item)

I've seen where people have used the 'Custom SKU' field to do this, but we use this for our own Custom SKUs for certain items. Another nice thing about using tags is that they are searchable; we could use this to our advantage when trying to figure out which items are in a certain location.

Currently, we do have a custom field for our "Shelf Location", but it's pretty much useless.

Does anyone have a solution to this?


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    I would consider using the location twice - once in a tag since that is already built in and very useful, then also incorporating it in the item description. We do this with brand to quickly and easily make it show up on the label - no API required.

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    Hi Donnavb,

    Yes, that's not a bad idea. The only downfall is that the item location would show up on everyone's receipt for every individual item.

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