Is anyone out there still using Lightspeed Onsite

PhilipClarkePhilipClarke Member Posts: 5


The organisation I work for is not good at change, so we are still plugging away with Lightspeed onsite. Is anyone else still working with this system. It has been a great workhorse for us over the years and we have struggled to find something that covers the bases quite like this.

Any thoughts on this? I would like to know other users thoughts.




  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 93 ✭

    DO NOT change to retail and expect the same software.

    It is completely different.

  • PhilipClarkePhilipClarke Member Posts: 5

    Yes. No problems there. We have trialed lightspeed retail twice and both times were left disappointed. We’ve not been able to find anything that works as neatly as lightspeed onsite. If I could buy a second license I would. It’s a shame it will eventually stop working!!!

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