Is anyone out there still using Lightspeed Onsite

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The organisation I work for is not good at change, so we are still plugging away with Lightspeed onsite. Is anyone else still working with this system. It has been a great workhorse for us over the years and we have struggled to find something that covers the bases quite like this.

Any thoughts on this? I would like to know other users thoughts.




  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 120 

    DO NOT change to retail and expect the same software.

    It is completely different.

  • PhilipClarkePhilipClarke Member Posts: 6

    Yes. No problems there. We have trialed lightspeed retail twice and both times were left disappointed. We’ve not been able to find anything that works as neatly as lightspeed onsite. If I could buy a second license I would. It’s a shame it will eventually stop working!!!

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    I am still using Onsite, at version 2019.04. I tried installing on iMac M1 (aka Apple Silicon) but Server refused to start if I attempted to restore from a Backup. Upon some investigation, the problem appears to be caused by what is described in this page ( . However, the solution provided in this page does not work, because the "Reset Configuration" button is actually greyed-out.

    Install MacOS from scratch, and install Lightspeed Server from .dmg. The first time would bring out Apple's Rosetta automatically, asking permission to be installed. Agree and do that. At this point, Lightspeed Server is yet to be install. Restart computer first.

    Coming back after computer restart, install Lightspeed Server. Then, stop server and Restore Backup. Choose a backup file. It will install successfully and Server will run. Client will run.

    However, this is the last time I would see Server run. If I shut down iMac and restart computer at this point, Server (now with the Backup file loaded) will not restart again. There is no solution as of today.

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 120 

    We have had to keep an airgapped Mac here that just runs Onsite and doesn't update simply so we can have the historical information available.

    I wish we could just still use it throughout the entire shop!!

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    We have a server in the back still running it as a lot of info did not successfully sync when we migrated. There are a few features of Retail we like (like not having to babysit a server and being device agnostic), but we seriously miss the feature set of OnSIte.

  • PhilipClarkePhilipClarke Member Posts: 6

    Yeah. It’s disappointing that we haven’t got an alternative as good as lightspeed onsite. I expect us to change to something by the end of the year, but we will still need to keep the server alive for the information content on lightspeed. I’d love to find someone develop an app based product like lightspeed onsite. We’d use it.

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    Yes I'm still using onsite for my computer repair business in Los Angeles. Since March 2021 Lightspeed tech support profoundly refuses to assist with any issues whatsoever. This is a crying shame because they are obviously trying to get us to migrate over to a monthly subscription based POS; because it means way more revenue for them. But I have to agree with previous comments - the online lightspeed OS is nowhere as good as the onsite version. It's two different operating systems.

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