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Hello, We are new to Loyalty. We were using Thirdshelf, Lightspeed's 3rd party loyalty provider. I am so disappointed in how Loyalty operates. There is no automated messaging to customers when they make a purchase, monthly recaps, etc. With thirdshelf we could manage all different reasons to reach out to customers. After each purchase a customer would receive a thank you email lettting them know how many point they earned. Also on the first of each month they would receive a newsletter to inform them of any discounts waiting to be redeemed or special sales. This is the purpose of a loyalty program...to drive sales and create urgency. It looks like the shop is responsible for manually contacting the loyalty members. We have our rewards set up so there are 4 different levels...you would think as a customer reaches a new level they should be notified.

The other limitation is not being able to update the customers phone number. I was told, to do this I have to archive their old account and create a new one!? This is ridiculous.


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