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I tried to get support from directly from Lightspeed on this, and was directed here.

We are a health clinic, and plan to work with Medesk for our patient management. I don't want to have siloed customer databases, one in Lightspeed and another in Medesk. As each platform has an API I thought it would be possible to keep the customer databases in sync, at least the basic contact info. Medesk suggested they could develop this with Lightspeed, however when they contacted Lightspeed they were refused.

Is this correct? Isn't it possible to use the Lightspeed API to keep the databases in sync? 

Has anyone done anything similar between Lightspeed and another platform?

Any help appreciated.



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    In theory, you should be able to build a middleware which communicates the data between the 2 platforms, but as we are not building these kind of integrations for our customers, I think it's best to have a developer evaluate the possibilities.

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