Unit quantities

mictra65mictra65 Member Posts: 1

I would like to request an upgrade to Lightspeed Retail to have the quantity sold field to allow for decimal points so we can sell bulk items by weight. Thank you.


  • a95850a95850 Member Posts: 1

    YES!!!! We need this so bad as well!

  • T9568T9568 Member Posts: 1

    Yes! Definitely disappointed that such a high quality program doesn't offer this.

  • TGOI1103TGOI1103 Member Posts: 1

    This would be such a helpful feature if LightSpeed could implement it!! No more extra line items for different weights!!

  • kmokmo Member Posts: 1

    We use decimals every day while dealing with money, weight, length etc. Decimal numbers are used in situations where more PRECISION is REQUIRED than the whole numbers of which currently is our only option. We have complaints from customers often because they cannot order exactly what they need. (we do not need more lines added to overide/manipulate the current system) Yes PLEASE to decimal option in our current system!

  • carmsandcarmsand Member Posts: 2

    This system could be improved by use decimal points opposed to whole numbers.

  • cmhcmh Member Posts: 1

    Decimals would make the job a lot easier and our costumers a lot happier. Also with refunding as well. Sometimes they are only needing half returned and we cannot do that with the current options.

  • SEM32SEM32 Member Posts: 1
    edited June 15

    The minimum amount we are currently allowed to sell is half yards and full yards but sometimes customers only need .25 or .75. The customer then has to pay for more then they actually need and that isn't fair. If we added the decimal point feature, it would make things much easier for ourselves as well as our customers.

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