listing of all sizes and colors of an article in a simple overview

We have several locations it's of central importance for us to have a simple overview of a parental with its different sizes and colors availible in the different locations. To open each item and check inventory is time-consuming and we are not focusing on the customer anymore. Who has a similar need? Any solution? best david


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    Hey @David_4speed

    Let's take this matrix for example :

    Individual products created from a matrix will take on the name of the Parent Description + Attribute 1 + Attribute 2 + Attribute 3. For this reason, you're able to search the parent in the regular item search.

    The best way to see all the store location's inventory while searching for Matrix parents, you could search for the parent name and check-off the Show all Locations, which will display all store locations and their quantities.

    Hope this helps!


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    @David_4speed I have an app that does exactly what you describe. When you scan a barcode that is either a UPC code or a system ID that is part of a matrix, the app will render the entire matrix and show quantities at each location. The search engine allows you to easily search over all item details. I have 3 running shoe stores and our staff use it all the time to quickly check inventory at other locations. You can see more details about what this feature does along with screenshots at

    Here is a screenshot of a matrix being rendered.

    Lance Muzslay

    Optimal Inventory & Operations

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