Purchase Order Number Field

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I am surprised that this isn't a bigger issue and in several discussions...but I am new and could have missed it...but there is no field for putting a PO or job name on the receipt...anyone that has customers that need to track their purchases to tie them back to jobs or projects need this shown on their invoices. I am currently using notes to document it...and it works for the printed receipt...but is lost when it comes to reports and account statements...that field isn't an option to display on statements or other reports. So customers receive their end of month statement and can't sort receipts/invoices to what PO they go to.

We need folks commenting on here saying that they would like to see this feature as well...if they are going to give any priority its going to be to requests that lots of people want not just one crazy guy that thinks he needs everything just for him!! lol ;P So if this is a feature that you want to see make sure to comment...even a short note...and that goes for any feature that you read about...that is how they are prioritized!!

LS is a great platform...just has a few shortcomings...at least for my wholesale business...I like the platform and all of the other features that are an improvement to my last software...but there are some critical features that the old one did MUCH better...and all of it is around account management...customer communication and supporting my business customers that rely on my communication to run their business.


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    We made an item called PURCHASE ORDER and then we type the PO # in the notes of that item, and our customers have been ok with that.

    We also hate how the statements work. Our customers purchase a lot of things. A statement should show which invoices are not paid for, but lightspeed has no way of marking which invoice they are paying, so we use a separate program to keep track of that.

    I also just recently have been learning to edit our invoice and I was able to make the PO# appear elsewhere on the invoice instead of in the items table.

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    I like that format!! Did you custom make that sales receipt format? And I really like what you did with Purchase Order.

    I don't want to leave my email on this forum...in case there are any sales trolls that will spam my work email...but find me on Facebook and we can chat offline. @donald.hicks1

    What I want to do next is edit my customer account statement to include the PO#...I have had so many complaints that they love the summary on the statement...but they NEED to see what the PO# is for each receipt/invoice.

    I have to get a solve for this ASAP!!!

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